Scripture Of The Week


You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.  Isa. 26:3

In January 1995, minister and author, Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie, was elected Chaplain of the United States Senate.  His days were filled with meetings with Senators, discussing spiritual and moral issues, assisting staffs with research on theological and biblical questions, speaking to five Senate Bible study and prayer groups, and encouraging events such as the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast.  He saw his primary role, however, as a prayer intercessor for members of the Senate.  He told the story of a day when he was passing through the hallways of the Capitol on his way to discuss a crucial time of acrimonious conflict with a group of leaders, that someone from the crowded hallway called out, “Give them a piece of your mind!”

Ogilvie thought about it, until the Inner Voice of God seemed asked him, “How will you spell piece? Piece or peace?”  He said at that time he was reminded that the great need within the people to whom he was about to speak was for profound peace, and he determined to share the secret of lasting peace with them as the piece of his mind.

We all know that the world is not at peace today.  Congress, members of the administration, the courts, they all sense the lack of peace.  Perhaps even you are smoldering in anger, bending under the nagging fear of what is next, or even feeling that God has abandoned America.  Christians should not allow circumstances to rob them of their inner peace that only Jesus can give.  You can remain calm in the face of trouble, crisis, illness, tough times, or whatever assails you—only you must look to the Prince of Peace, focus your thoughts on Him, and allow that mindfulness to radiate through you to others.

This week, pray, as Ogilvie, did for government leaders, at every level, to abandon giving others a “piece” of their mind, and instead look for the true and steadfast inner Peace that they can share with one another.  Pray that peace can prevail in our lives so that we can bring that message of piece to others.  Read Isa. 26:1-15 for the context of this week’s verse.  It is good reading.

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