Scripture Of The Week

  • Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you. Ps. 55:22

    Since we are beginning a study about the life of King David, I thought I would share this about him.  In his lifetime, King David faced some truly difficult circumstances. And yet, through it all, he came to know that, as long as he placed his trust in God, everything would eventually work out.  The psalms are full of David’s writings about experiencing fear but still trusting in God.

    For example, David wrote Psalm 55 while facing a rebellion or power struggle over David’s leadership of Israel.  To make matters worse, one of the key leaders in the struggle was someone that David had previously trusted. As a result of this, the city was actually a dangerous place for David to be in. But rather than give up or let his fears get the better of him, David chose to reach out to God.

    While a friend’s betrayal and an extreme challenge to authority were indeed heavy burdens to bear, David knew that he could, and should, rely on God to bear it.  Rather than carry the heavy weight of his struggle on his own, which would have led to his undoing, David knew he needed to cast it onto God. This didn’t remove David from the difficult situation, but it helped to sustain him through it.  And in the end, David was made into a stronger, more perfect servant of God.

    In a world filled with frightening things, do you trust that God can come to your aid for whatever is weighing you down?  Then, talk to Him about this today and share your burden and trust that God will be there to help you endure whatever comes.  As you pray, remember our country and the many who are being overcome circumstances and decisions passed down that bring with them the temptations for worry and fear .


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