Scripture Of The Week


The Lord is good to all.   Psalm 145:9
The Bible is full of passages that talk about the goodness and kindness and love of God, and it’s a topic that Christians are all-too-familiar with and they appreciate.  But, in our society, we see a different side to the use of the word “good”, which can affect how we understand the goodness of God.  These days, to use the word “good” in society can often feel rather trite.  It’s an all too common type of word, often overused, and fairly unoriginal.   For example:  What did you think of the movie?  It was good.  Did you try that new restaurant?  Yes, the food was pretty good. These days, almost anything can be described as “good.” 
This can make a Christian sometimes wonder what does it mean when the Bible talks about the goodness of God?  Is His goodness really anything special?  Psalm 145:9 says that “the Lord is good to all.”  This means that there is not one single soul outside of hell that God is not ready and willing to bless.  Think about that for a minute.  God is ready to set every one of his children up to receive His blessings.  The reason people exist is because God is good.  Some think that the reason we live in the United States is because God is good.  The reason the earth is perfectly aligned around the sun, spinning around the sun 365 days each year is because God is good.  He allows it to happen. And He is eager to see bless us even more!
What an amazing God!  There’s nothing ordinary about His goodness.  Thank Him for it today. Ask Him to renew your understanding of His goodness, that you may know Him better.  Pray that he would give you a good heart like His, that you may join in his work to bring the Gospel to this world.
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