Scripture Of The Week

The angel of God called to Hagar … God has heard the voice of the boy where he is. Genesis 21:17

Dry, dusty and desolate are but only three words that describe the world’s deserts. But we don’t have to be on the Saharan dunes, the Gobi heights, or the saguaro-dotted Sonoran sands to experience a lonely emotional expanse.  For example, emotional extremes like depression and despair can occur anywhere, even in the crowded concrete canyons of the nation’s largest cities.

Our verse deals with the time that Hagar (Sarah’s handmaiden) and Ishmael (the son born to Abraham through Sarah to “help” fulfill God’s plan to given Abraham and Sarah a son) were forced to leave Abraham’s camp.  God did, indeed, fulfill His promise by giving Abraham and Sarah a son, but on His own schedule, by letting Sarah bear Isaac.  And, then Hagar was forced t leave camp with Ishmael.  Hagar’s heart anguished for her young son and his future. But God saw and honored her tears, and reassured her that He was watching over the boy.

If there is a situation that brings on depression or despair or a host of other paralyzing emotions, know that, for the Christian, God is still with us through this journey.  For example, if we have a young person who has wandered far from the Lord’s “camp” into a desert place and we hurt and cry and are saddened?  God wants us to give our concerns to Him.  He hears when we cry, hurt and are sad and will help us get through it.  Let the many promises of His Word be our comfort.

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