Scripture of the Week

 And you will feel secure, because there is hope; you will look around and take your rest in security. Job 11:18

“Hope” is an interesting word. During the Fall 2020 convocation at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, the university’s president Samuel Oliver said, “The modern world has sought hope in human effort and a belief in the inevitability of progress that assumed everything would naturally get better and better. The reality is that when men and women hope only in their own abilities or possessions, they really are not free to give of their resources to others.” He concluded, “Hope is joining God right here and right now in the renewal of all things.”
In his Aspects of Love theater production, composer Andrew Lloyd Weber included the song, “Love Changes Everything.” The lyrics include these words, ”Love, love changes everything, how you live and how you die… love will never, never let you be the same.” Substitute the word “hope” for “love” and read those lyrics again. Seems like hope fits there well, doesn’t it?
As a believer in Jesus Christ, you first have the promised hope of eternal salvation, then of the presence of God with you through his Holy Spirit. You have the promises of peace and of answered prayer. Finally, you have the hope of Christ’s promised return, when you will receive your inheritance from Him.
So, the question is: In view of all this, and more listed in Scripture, is hope changing how you live? Commit your way to the Lord, press forward, and stay the course. Pray for people in all areas of life and work who are already faithful to the Lord, and even for those who do not, to become people of true hope, finding that personal relationship with the One who changes everything, and His name is…Jesus!

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