Prayer Requests

Please include these people, needs and organizations in your private prayer time.

NEW REQUESTS:  Rod Shepherd called from South Texas request prayer.  Sometime after Oct. 18, he will have a kidney transplant and his sister, Diedra, is the one donating her kidney to him.  He called to ask for prayers for a successful transplant and for healing from the his and his sister’s surgeries;  Wayne Hutchins for family concerns;  tomorrow, Friday, Robert Riddle learned that the spot on his lung was indeed cancer and  he will see his oncologist tomorrow;  Sherry Riddle came through her gall bladder surgery very well but is still having residual problems causing her a lot of discomfort; Doris Batson has had a few good days;  Jerry Roberts, Jr., is now responsive and is able to recognize his family and may begin therapy in a few days;  Tonya Buzbee is finally getting the needed medical tests done to see what to do for her health issues; Travis Mounger shared that his cousin, Mitzy, has been diagnosed with breast and colon cancer and needs our prayers; the victims, and families of victims, of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and  Maria; for the concert by the Southern Gospel Quartet, the New Legacy Project, from Nashville, TN., the evening of Nov. 17; for God to work amidst all the hatred and upheaval in this world; for Northwest Christian Church and our outreach to the community.

PRAISES:   Doris Batson seems to be improving some and has had some good days this week


Individuals: Judy Shaw (dementia); Faye Mounger, whose health is failing; George Rutledge (Rita Craver’s dad) for his health concerns;  Mildred Angus (general health concerns); Billy Renfro;  Aadel Newby; Mary Welch; Courtney Bland (cousin to Mary Ellen Schiavone); Lyla Judd (niece of Faye Mounger); Darlene Williamson (sister of Faye Mounger), Peggy Tomlinson.

Families:  The Blakmores; the Buzbees; the Cravers; the Flores; the Ghirontes; the Goodnows; the Gores; the Inges; the Johnsons; the Mayfields;  the Moorheads; the Prices; the Salcidos; the Sanpierres; the Sikes; the Wrights.

Other requests: For Noel Rodriguez who has launched a new outreach enterprise entitled “Talk Jesus Movement” with the goal of getting people more willing to talk about Jesus in any setting they find themselves.  His website is:

Also, keep praying tor the unsaved and unchurched; shut-ins; persecuted Christians, world-wide; our local and world-wide churches; our nation and elected officials; our military; missions world-wide and missions supported by Northwest Christian Church.

(Note:  if your name is on one of the lists above and you wish to have your name removed from the list, please let us know.  And, if you want to have a name added to the list, just let us know.  Thank you!   And, know that our prayers are vitally important in the lives of those whose names are listed above and also that prayers are greatly appreciated!!)

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