Prayer Requests


For prayer:  Linda Corner (Bill Rosnett’s daughter-in-law’s mother) has spinal stenosis and will have back surgery on Dec. 27;  Jimmie Powell is still recovering and should go home this week from Park Manor;  Travis and Ella Mae Mounger as they deal with Ella Mae’s progressing cancer;  Charles Inge (Patsy Morris’ brother) as he goes through his chemo treatments;  Ricky Bourland (Peggy Bourland’s son) as he may have aspirated something into his lungs and has become sick;  our travelers.

For praisethe baptism of Deane Gelape this last Sunday.

Please include these people, needs and organizations in your private prayer time.


Individuals:  George Rutledge (Rita Craver’s dad) for his health concerns;  Mildred Angus (general health concerns); Billy Renfro;  Aadel Newby; Mary Welch.

Families:  The Blakmores; the Buzbees; the Cravers; the Flores; the Ghirontes; the Goodnows; the Gores; the Inges; the Johnsons; the Mayfields;  the Prices; the Salcidos; the Sanpierres; the Sikes; the Wrights.

Other requests: Pray for the unsaved and unchurched; shut-ins; persecuted Christians, world-wide; our local and world-wide churches; our nation and elected officials; our military; missions world-wide and missions supported by Northwest Christian Church.

(Note:  if your name is on one of the lists above and you wish to have your name removed from the list, please let us know.  And, if you want to have a name added to the list, just let us know.  Thank you!   And, know that our prayers are vitally important in the lives of those whose names are listed above and also that prayers are greatly appreciated!!)



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