***Back in January of 2015, we designated the third Sunday of each month as our “Building Fund Offering” Sunday.   On these days, there will be the opportunity for people to give an offering, over and above our regular tithes/offerings, for our re-modeling program.  We are grateful to all who have faithfully and regularly given to our building fund over this past two years.  We will still continue to have our building fund offerings, collecting money, so we can plan on getting more of our aging building remodeled and we hope you will and can continue giving to our building fund.
***Our next Building Fund Offering Sunday will be July 16, 2017.
***Our church’s work trip to Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch in Shelbina, MO., will be July 16-19.  We will leave after church on July 16, and work on July 17&18 and then leave to come back on July 19.  We will be making a stop on the return trip in Branson!!!!
***Because of the Shiloh trip, there will be no evening service on Sunday, July 16 and also no Midweek service on Wednesday, July 19.
***Remember the time to nominate people for leadership positions in the church family is underway until Sunday, Aug 13, which will be the last date nominations will be accepted.  If anyone wants to nominate someone for church and Sunday School officers, write their name on a piece of paper and put it in the lock box on the table in the sanctuary.
***In our Sunday evening service, we are in a study of the book of I Corinthians.  Come and join us at 6pm.
***In our Midweek service, we are in a study in the Book of James.   Come and join us and share in our studies at 7 pm.
***In our elective Sunday School class, Lela is teaching a class on selected Old Testament books, this time on the book of Psalms/Proverbs.
***Check out the various bulletin boards in our Fellowship Hall that we once had scattered in different spots in the church building.  Some were hard to get to and read from and, so now, we have a bulletin board up for our mission news, one for our building news (the building plans are on that board now) and one where we post general news that the church family might find interesting.
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